I've seen a couple YouTube tutorials about galaxy nails recently and thought I'd try them out for this week.  I will link the video below of who I followed when doing my galaxy nails.  So besides your nail polish, all you need is a makeup sponge to do these nails.  I used the makeup wedges, but in the video you'll see she used a round makeup sponge.  I also used two sponges (one for each hand), but you could easily use just one.  Basically you paint some nail polish onto the sponge then dab it onto different places of your nail.  I used 4 different colors on my sponge.  And I just kept dabbing and blending until I liked how it looked.  Also, I think you could add glitter on top or not.  I think it looks good both ways.  Although, it won't look like a galaxy without the glitter.  =)

 Without glitter
With glitter

I used this color as my base.  I thought it was a good base color since it's black with glitter in it.

 I dabbed the colors onto my nails in the order shown in this picture, minus the last one.  That's the glitter I put on top.

I wish I had a glitter top coat that was more clear.  This one has a hint of pink to it.

These are the sponges I used.  As you can see I just put some polish on the corners.  The pink wasn't as opaque as the other colors so I just did that one a couple time to make it show up on my nail.

I think these turned out pretty neat!  You can use any colors you have to do this too.  The tutorial I followed for these nails was form MissJenFABULOUS.  Here is the link to her tutorial:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJjBRvf1rR8

A couple other things, check out my last NOTW to find out how long those nails strips lasted.  And I did get some Sally Hansen nail strips.  Pretty much all cosmetics and nail polish are BOGO half off at my local store right now.  So I got the Pacific Blue polish that I used on my galaxy nails and some really cool looking nail strips.

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